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What is Dot?

Dot is a collection of bots that enhance your ability to buy the latest sneakers, supreme and more with minimal effort.  We work hard to provide all user s with supportive and resourceful material to make sure everyone is in the know.

Key Features

  • Automated Checkout

    Dot Supreme can be completely automated. This extension is able to find items based upon keywords, add your desired item to cart and submit a checkout.

  • Restocks

    Missed the initial release of an item or want another? Dot can run a restock task where it will automatically purchase an item a user has setup on restocks mode.

  • Timer

    Dot Supreme contains a timer module. A user can set up a product task and set the timer and leave their computer, ensuring it stays on, this task will execute like any other task.

  • Hybrid Override System

    Supreme are very known to change their website. If they push a surprise update, the keyword system may not work, for example. A hybrid override system has been implemented to counteract these measures.

Why Choose Us?

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