Dot Supreme Chrome V2 Guide

Updated Guide on Dot Supreme Chrome

Welcome to the Dot Supreme Chrome guide! Here you will find all you need to know about Dot Supreme Chrome and succeeding with Supreme.

For a general video guide on using Dot Supreme Chrome, see the video here: made by one of our users.

Setting Up/Updating/Accessing

To install and setup Dot Supreme Chrome, see

To put simply, accept the google invite in the google groups email sent out. This invite is crucial to be authenticated and receive automatic updates for Dot Supreme Chrome. If for whatever reason your bot is not updating, you probably logged out of the chrome profile associated with the bot, that is necessary for the bot to authenticate you as a valid user. Simply log back in to be able to update.

To Update the Bot:

Right click the bot -> and click “Manage Extensions” or visit chrome://extensions/ in your chrome browser url field. Then enable “Developer mode” and then hit “Update extensions now.” If you are logged into chrome properly, you should also receive automatic updates every few hours or so.

To Use the Bot:

Simply click on the bot symbol or right click the bot symbol and click “Options.” The “Options” option lets you see the bot in a full page view mode (recommended). If you are a windows user, the bot also does not work unless you access the bot from this “Options” mode.

Bot Functions/Modes

Item Settings/Tasks Modes

The first tab you see in bot is the item settings/tasks field. Here you can add tasks for the bot to run on drop. Simply enter in the category, item keywords, and size of the item you are going for and hit “Add Item.” Once you have added an item, you can run the tasks for the items you’ve added by hitting “Start Tasks.”

You can add up to at most 3 items per set of tasks. If you add more than 3 items, you risk auto-flagging yourself to Supreme as a bot user, because it is extremely unlikely you’d be able to cop three coveted items at drop time in the same basket. Some people have gotten cancelled in the past for copping 4 items in one go for a single drop.

Also, different to desktop bots, all items that are ran through tasks will add all items to the same basket. This is nice because you only pay one shipping price for a set of items, versus paying shipping for each item you cop. The downside of this is that you cannot cop multiples of the same item on a single bot instance or chrome profile.

Timer Mode

Timer mode is the setting where you can set your bot to go off at any time you set. The bot is synced to your own computer’s time. This means if you want the bot to go off at drop time, which is 11amEST/11amGMT, you have to set the time to your own local timezone. Because I live in california, I would set my time to 08:00:00 because the drop is at 8am pst and my computer is set to the PST timezone. You can also set the timer to go off a few seconds before drop if you so choose. The bot, whether through “Start Tasks” tasks mode or timer mode will auto-refresh every randomly set amount of seconds until items drop. When items drop, the bot will correctly recognize dropped items, and go for the items set in your tasks. Timer mode is basically tasks mode but set off to go at a certain time. The timer also goes in army time.

Hybrid Mode

This mode, which we uniquely established (although many other bots indirectly have this feature) is another way to combat bot detection and make yourself seem more human like by clicking items instead of letting the bot find and click on items themselves. Hence, hybrid mode. So what hybrid mode does is, after setting a category to initially start at, you can click on the items you want to go for yourself. The bot will not click the items for you. However, after clicking on any given item(s), the bot will then auto add-to-cart the item you clicked in the given size you also preset in the “size” field under the “hybrid” tab in the bot. Then, the bot will also normally autofill checkout information for you. So in the end, hybrid mode is still a helpful function in that it automates about half the copping process, including everything but finding and clicking the item(s) you want. You also have to refresh the Supreme pages manually if items have not dropped on drop time yet.

Copping multiples with Hybrid Mode

You can also checkout multiple items with hybrid mode easily by right-click opening items you want in new tabs. Basically, if you want more than a single item, you can open maybe item pages in new tabs, and each new tab with the product you click on will be added to cart and go to checkout. Note, that if you do click on items too quickly, items may not properly add to bag. For some reason with Supreme, if you try adding more than 2 items at a time simultaneously, Supreme is not meant to deal with that, and cannot properly add the third (or one of the three items you opened successively) item properly, and glitches out. To combat this, if you are going for more than three items, leave at least a couple - few seconds between clicking on items, so each item can separately add to bag and properly register with Supreme’s cart database system (instead of trying to add them all at once).

Restocks Mode

Restocks mode is also unique to Dot Supreme with a dedicated function for restocks. It’s simple enough, and you enter in product urls of product pages that you want to cop after a drop. You set a refresh delay, and every set amount of seconds, the bot will refresh the product page. If the item comes back in stock, it will add to cart, go to checkout and attempt checking out. For this mode you do not need to be worried about autocheckout or checkout delay. For restocks, autocheckout is automatically enabled, and the checkout delay is set to 0. This is because for restocks (after a certain period of time after drop), anti-bot softwares are stopped and you cannot get card declines for i.e checking out too fast (and without a delay). To monitor and go for multiple items, simply open up more product pages and refresh them, or put in multiple products into the product url field and hit “start restock” for each url put in (one-by-one).

Profile Settings

In the profile settings, you fill out all your necessary information needed for checking out on Supreme. This includes your address and credit card settings. Note: some of the fields are only dedicated for US/CA or EU/UK. For instance, the state field is only applicable for US/CA people. So, if you put in a country like UK, you can ignore the state field completely. The bot will not look at the state field entered if you are UK/EU. Same for the “credit card type” field. If you are a US/CA resident, Supreme does not have this field in their checkout form, and only applies to UK/EU people. If you are a US/CA user, you can ignore this field completely as the bot will not look at it if you indicate you are a US/CA country user in the profile settings. To save a profile, simply put in a profile name, and hit “Save Profile.” If you want to use some example setting info, hit “Example Settings,” select the “default” profile that should now display in the list of profiles, and hit “load profile.” Example settings should be now loaded up into the address and credit card information fields. Note that you cannot use multiple profiles on a single set of tasks. Chrome does not allow for anyway to do this.


Here you can enter in proxies you’d like to use the bot for when copping items. Note that on chrome bots, you can only enter and use one proxy at a time per instance of the bot/set of tasks. It is not possible for chrome to use a single proxy per given tab. The whole chrome profile can only be on one proxy at a time. To go back to your original computer/local ip, simply choose the “default” proxy that should have appeared in the proxies dropdown list, and hit “select proxy” for default. Vice versa, if you want to go back to a proxy you inputted beforehands, just select the proxy inputted in the proxy dropdown list and hit “select proxy” for the desired proxy.

Note: when entering in a proxy that is being used for the first time, you may have to authenticate it. This is done by refreshing the “options” bot page and then entering in proxy authentication details (username and password) for the proxy popup that should pop up. It should look something like this:

Simply enter in your info, hit “Log In,” and you should be good to go!

Alternatively, if you do not get this popup and cannot seem to use your proxies, your computer may have external issues not letting you use proxies. This seems to be a problem for a few people, and if this is the case, please do not use proxies for the bot on the specific computer.

Turn Bot OFF

If you are not using the bot, please turn the bot off by hitting the “Turn Bot OFF” button located near the bottom of the bot page. This turns off all bot functions except for autofill, and will prevent you from accidentally checking any items out should you accidentally click on one. Note: the bot will still autofill however if you go to the checkout page. Please be mindful of this.


Checkout Delays

Recommended checkout delays are as follows. All of these settings can be auto applied if you simply put in "auto" for checkout delay as well as show below: 


1 item -- 1500 ms

2 items -- 750 ms

3 items -- 0 ms

Again, all checkout delays are in milliseconds (ms) and you only put in the number you want. So for a 1.5 s delay (1500 ms), simply put in "1500". Note that also auto-typing takes about 1 - 2 seconds and this is also accounted for in the recommended checkout delays given.


Bot is not working

For the bot to work, there are several small separate configuration issues you have to be mindful of if the following situations applies to you:

  1. For the bot to work at all, you need to first create and save a profile. If you do not have a saved profile, the bot will not work and will not add items to cart, etc. Also, if this profile does not have the correct region you are in (i.e you have country set to US, but you live in the UK and are accessing the UK Supreme site), the bot will also not work. The bot is country specific.
  2. If you are a windows user, the bot will not work from the popup user interface. The reason is still unknown why this feature does not work for Windows users, but if you are a Windows user, please only access and use the bot from the “options” page accessed by right clicking on the bot and clicking “options.”
  3. If you have adblock or other extensions that can mess with the bot (like autofill, other chrome bots like Forcecop or vpns) the bot will also not work correctly. Other extensions that conflict with the bot will not allow the bot to properly work. Please disable any extensions that might conflict by right clicking the bot icon -> and clicking on “manage extensions”, and unchecking any conflicting extensions. Alternatively, access chrome://extensions/ to get to the same extensions management page.

Running Dot on multiple profiles (by Goggle Boy)

For Dot it is possible to run more than one instance on one computer. Here are the steps:

  1. Make another chrome user. First click here:

  2. Then click manage people.
  3. Then click add person. You can name it whatever you want. Then it should open a new chrome tab.
  4. Then, on that new chrome user go to and sign into the email that is linked to your dot bot.

After that download dot on that new user with this download link:

Finally, you should have dot on 2 users, letting you run the bot twice on one computer with multiple profiles.