Everything You Need to Know for Week 1 with Dot

***Disclaimer: If you want to just skip to how hybrid mode works -- which is the recommended bot mode method for Week 1 with Dot Supreme, go to the "Hybrid Mode" section. For copping multiple items with hybrid mode, go to "Copping Multiple Items With Hybrid Mode." Throughout the article, there are various informations which may be of interest or help in really understanding Supreme and maximizing your chances of copping Week 1 and the rest of this season. ***


Week 1 (Feb 22nd, 2018 8:00amPST/11:00amEST ) of Supreme season approaches us quickly and with it, many uncertainties. Let's try and break down what you need to know to be the most successful with (or without) Dot this first tumultuous week of the season.


To give a bit of a background of why Week 1's are often messy, it's largely because there are usually at least a few changes to the Supreme site -- anti-botting or otherwise just cosmetic, that tend to trip up bots, autofill and the like. This is because no matter how general and how prepared you try and be, bots will be looking for specific markers on the page (often times known as "div's", "id's" and "classes") that signal to a bot that hey -- this is the shit we need to be on, and this is what we need to manipulate or interact with in order to get the item that we're trying to cop. So even cosmetic or otherwise fairly innocuous changes, like changing the size selections from the previous season's upper-case first letter text values, from "Small, Medium, Large, XLarge" to "small, medium, large, xlarge" will probably trip up many bots which are looking specifically for those certain pervious values. Obviously, you can generalize a bot, and account for a change like this pretty easily, but if one size "XLarge" changes to "Xlarge", "xLarge" or "XL" altogether, you have to account and generalize for more and more things that you don't even know will happen or change with 100% certainty. And, other than sizes, this goes for almost everything else on the Supreme website and pages 00 which at one point you have to wonder and think about what is really worth accounting and generalizing for, and instead put efforts towards other features that might not rely on waiting for such changes (for example the API we are building to display stats of copped items through the bot). And so, because especially because this is the very first week, where there is greater chance of having website changes than in other weeks (which do happen as well but with less frequency for the most part), it is often times understandable for bots to trip out and fail. Personally what I think should be more important in these kind of issues,  rather than a bot working 100% from the get-go, is how fast and well a bot might adapt to put out changes in the weeks afterwards


Now with the background of how bots can be tripped up, let's dive into the best setup you should have with Dot, or with or without bots in general, this first week.


With Dot

With Dot, you guys are lucky in that there is a "hybrid" mode which unlike tasks or keywords finding modes, does not rely on keywords to find items, and instead just automates the rest of the copping process *after* finding the items. Let me explain. So usually, when setting up a task for a bot for any website, you input keywords letting the bot know specific words that it should be looking for to help find items that you want to cop. Finding keywords through the bot itself lets the bot be *fully* automatic -- in that it takes control of the whole copping process from start to end: it finds the items on the given site through the keywords inputted, then adds your desired item and pre-inputted size to cart, then goes to checkout and autofill pre-inputted information data, and checks out. In none of the steps of that process does the user ever have to touch the website or the product page of that website and interfere with manual clicking or typing input. The process is *fully* automatic. Now with Hybrid mode, the process is not fully-automatic, and is a hybrid semi-automatic process with some manual clicking input combined with the usual automatic checking out process.


Hybrid Mode

With hybrid mode, you have to click on items that you want to cop, and then the bot does everything else for you afterwards. Here is a video explaining hybrid mode from last season. Note that after setting up your desired category and item size you like, clicking on the hybrid mode button takes you to your category page of choice. From there, clicking on the item you want on the page, the bot then kicks in and cops the item in the desired size, goes to checkout, autofills, and checks out the item. This is basically how hybrid mode and the button works, and what you need to know if anything about the process for this week in using it.


How Hybrid Mode Works

How hybrid works is that instead of looking for keywords, which has been made difficult by Supreme since their introduction of keyword anti-botting implementations (which will be gone over in another article possibly for those curious as to exactly what they were last season), the bot just adds the item + size to cart, and autofills info, both parts of which were not stoppable the way keywords was. The idea was to eliminate the process of finding keywords, which was getting patched by Supreme, and to just instead incorporate in the other copping features of the bot which may work with higher guarantee.


Copping Multiple Items With Hybrid Mode

If hybrid mode works, which again itself is not guaranteed because of what I explained in the first section (but is less likely to fail compared to keywords), you can also cop multiples pretty easy with the process. Watch the same video linked above from the timestamp 3:20. Instead of clicking on one item, you can ctrl-click on multiple to open up multiple items in separate tabs, and let them all add to cart in the background. Then, after clicking on all items desired, go to the *last* item clicked, wait for a small period of time for a checkout delay, and checkout. Don't worry if some baskets on the checkout screen are not fully up to date -- as long as the items were added successfully, the site will correctly charge and checkout all the items you may have added to your basket -- including some that may not be listed on the checkout page on the time of it's loading. 


Going Manual

If you don't have Dot, or a bot with a similar hybrid mode, then going manual is probably your best option. Because of all the points listed above, bots being tripped up, going fast with manual often times works well for the first week, especially in conjunction with an autofill like the one built into google. Just click fast, and when autofilling, click once on any of the checkout fields to prompt your autofill options, and select the desired profile. Also, have you credit card and cvv number handy in case these items do not autofill correctly.