Week 1 Supreme Setup/Overview Dot Supreme F/W 18

Setup First Week


The first week of Supreme is upon us again. That means getting bots, cards, addresses and emails ready for copping lots of hype items for retail with high resale values.


For knowledge about Supreme and copping items in general, see the next two sections. Otherwise for a pure bot setup overview, please go to the last section about setup, or see our setup TL;DR.

A brief overview for people new to Supreme:

-Supreme traditionally drops every Thursday at 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST in the U.S/Canada, every Thursday 11:00 AM BST in the UK/Europe, and every Saturday 11:00 AM JST in Japan. This first drop for F/W 18 US and UK happens this Monday (Aug 20) though at the same usual times above of 11:00 AM EST and 11 AM BST.

-F/W 18 means Fall/Winter 2018 and denotes the current season of Supreme we are in. Supreme drops seasonally in S/S and F/W, where “S/S” stands for “Spring and Summer”, and  “F/W” stands for “Fall and Winter” denoting the two yearly seasons Supreme drops its items.


-Supreme drops a combination of various apparel items and accessories each season. All of the items released under Supreme soley (not collaborations) are posted in their lookbook which you can see here. Collaboration items are generally not known, and are leaked through various sources such as dropsbyjay, supreme_leaks_news and several other pages. The linked sources also have accompanying Twitter accounts where they post the same information.


-Every single week except traditionally the first week and boxo logo week are collaboration weeks. And in total, there are usually around 18 - 19 weeks of Supreme. This means there are an estimated 16 - 17 collaborations that go on during any season. On a collaboration week though, only some items are collaboration, while the rest are from the lookbook. In total, all of the items released by Supreme in a season are from their own personal lookbook, and collaborations.


-Collaboration and leaks for any given week generally start to occur at the beginning of the Supreme week (i.e the Sunday before the next Supreme drop). Usually there is a rumour of a collaboration that occurs on Sunday - Tuesday (usually first by dropsbyjay) and then the actual item list for the given drop is usually leaked the day or two before. Note that Supreme does not actually release the exact items it is releasing any given week themselves. All product leaks and predictions are based off of leaks and inside sources ,and without them bots and keywords in their entirety would not work well given that we rely on putting in product informations in bots prior to the drop actually happening.


-Bots wise, Supreme has had a history of anti-bot detection. This generally involves stopping orders that check out *too fast*. To combat this, most if not all bots have a given “checkout delay” input where you can delay actually hitting the “Process Payment” submit order button by a few seconds. They’ve also been known to scramble keywords, and also detect autofill. Every season Supreme usually comes out with something new to help prevent bots, but is usually avoidable given enough time to work out the issues by more knowledgeable bot developers.

More advanced overview going over some less known and more murky details of ordering and buying from Supreme:


-The captchas that Supreme uses are called “Invisible Captchas” meaning that there is a captcha on the checkout page, but it does not appear unless you have to actually solve one of these. The captcha appears after you hit “Process Payment”.


-You can usually avoid solving any of Supreme’s captcha if you are logged into a gmail account. Because reCaptcha (the captcha company) is owned by Google, Google has some sort of knowledge of your computer and whether you’re a bot or not if you are logged into a gmail account. Usually older and more used gmail accounts give the most “one-click captchas” which is the best form of captcha you can receive. One-click captchas for normal captchas normally require just clicking the captcha button and you are done, without actually having to solve a captcha puzzle. For invisible captcha this is made even easier, and you don’t have to click or solve *anything* at all. This is most common “captcha bypass” people talk about for Supreme specifically, and if you have a good captcha status, it means you don’t have to solve captchas when checking out on Supreme. If you want to check whether or not you have one-click captchas given your current setup, click here.


-You cannot checkout multiple of the same item on Supreme. This means you cannot check out two box logo hoodies on a given week, if you have enough discerning information that makes you look like the *same person* to Supreme. If there is an item with multiple colorways, not being able to checkout duplicates of the same items includes different colorways, and you will only be able to checkout a single color successfully to a single person’s information.


-To checkout duplicate items, you need to have different personal information loaded on the checkout page. Through various testing we have learned that Supreme checks four crucial fields. These are the: email, phone number, address (only the first field), and credit card number fields. These fields are the only fields that are unique, meaning that only one person should realistically have only a single one of these informations. I.e two people cannot have the same phone number, and two different people will not have the same email. Supreme also has a one item per household rule, meaning that only one person in your house will be able to order a given item without the second being duplicate. So to get around duplicate orders, you need to have each of those 4 information fields different, and that you will need another address to send items to, and another credit card that has that address as a billing address. The other two fields are fairly easy to change.


-Virtual credit cards do not work on the US Supreme site. It is iffy whether new virtual credit cards like Citi and BoA work or not, but known providers such as Privacy do not work for US Supreme period. On UK Supreme though, providers such as Revoult do still work.


-Jigging addresses in the U.S does not work. They’ve upped the address verification system last season, and since then recognize that jigged addresses identify to the same original address. Jigging does seem to still work on the UK site though.

Now, into your bot setup for this week with Dot:


As we’ve gone over previously, everybody will be using the chrome extension this week, and possibly the next.


Chrome extension has three modes: requests mode, browser mode, and hybrid mode.


Requests mode sends carting and checkout information to the backend of Supreme without actually using your browser. Browser mode automates your browsing experience and checks out by clicking products and filling out information for you on the front end of Supreme. Hybrid mode is a modified version of browser mode where you click on the item you want, and from there the bot will automate the browser and do the rest.


For this week, it is recommended that you have a couple to a few requests mode profiles setup and then as your main copping method, manually refresh the Supreme page and use hybrid mode.


To see how to make multiple profiles of Dot Supreme on the same computer, see here.


Hybrid mode is essentially a powerful manual method. And so tomorrow, where Supreme traditionally might employ new tricks that may stop bots initially, it is a very safe method to run. Also, even if hybrid mode does not work (like the Site completely changes and the layout is moved around) it won’t do anything to your computer or copping process, and you’ll be able to checkout manually normally.


In more detail for actual on drop setup:


For requests mode, setup profiles and items tasks as normal, and set the bot to go off around the usual 10 seconds before the estimated drop time (8:00AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 11:00 BST).


For hybrid mode, push the “Start Hybrid” button about a minute before drop time. Note that when you press this button, you’ll probably be redirected to Supreme’s home page. This is OK. Hybrid mode is just a mode, and so even though it’s not loading the usual category page like it did last season (since the Shop is currently down), until you actually successfully checkout an item, or you explicitly press “Turn Bot Off” on the bot’s user interface page, hybrid mode will keep running even after navigating to different pages or links within or outside of Supreme.


Checkout delay:


It is recommended to have a checkout delay of 1000 - 3000 this week. Honestly, I’m not sure how fast items will go out of stock, and if Supreme will bring back any checkout speed detection (where a checkout delay used to be mandatory). I recommend varying the request profile’s checkout delays (if you are running multiple of them) and doing somewhere between 1000 - 3000 for your hybrid task, depending on how frisky you are feeling.


So as a TL;DR


-Run 2 - 3 requests mode this week on multiple profiles

-Set the requests tasks to go off 10 seconds before your time zone’s estimated drop time (i.e 07:59:50 or 10:59:50) or hit “Start Tasks” similarly 10 seconds before drop time.

-If you want to run browser mode, you can do so, but only “Start Tasks” after the Supreme shop is back up and the drop is live. Doing so beforehand will result in error.

-Use hybrid mode as your “manual” method to cop with. Note that hybrid will only be able to get one item at a time (unless you use multiple item tab method, see here).

-Hit “Start Hybrid” about a minute before drop, and continually refresh the https://www.supremenewyork.com/shop/new. This is most likely the link where the Supreme items will drop. Also keep a lookout in Discord to see if there is a separate link for the drop that appears instead when it’s live.

Finally, don’t be too greedy. The first drop is usually one of the most unpredictable. Try going for a modest amount of items. The most hype items this week are the Madonna tee, Liquid tee, various bags (especially the shoulder bag), and the mophie case. Cop what you can, but know if you try going for too many items, especially without proper knowledge/experience can mean not copping any item at all.