Week One Supreme Drops

As the time approaches the beginning of the Supreme season, the hype begins the build and predictions on what will resell begin to form. Already, we know a few products expected to release such as the "Camp Life" tee and a matching chair to compliment it. More than ever, people are trying to get there hands on anything Supreme, ranging from Mophie Chargers to Bogo sweat-shirts. Buying times only decrease though, just a matter of seconds before an item with insane resell value is out of stock. An example, the Scarface leather jacket sold out in less than 3 seconds while less hyped products such as the Arаbic Logo Nеoprеnе Fаcеmаsk had a sell-out time of fewer than 14 seconds. We all know that copping off of a restock is damn near impossible without a bot, so our chances of getting anything manual is slim to none. Nobody wants to pay $80, $100 or even $150 for a bot that has minimal support and isn't always straight up with its consumers. That's where Dot Supreme comes in. Their active discord and email support team are continuously looking to assist users if needed. Success is always their very own, no copy and pastes from photoshop. To learn more about Dot Supreme, just click home in the right-hand corner of the screen. Or the link above.