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  • We have all experienced the card decline, ghost charge, or cancelled order from Supreme's frustrating system. But, you can say goodbye to all of those things. Dot Supreme was created for placing orders on Supreme's website at an insanely fast rate with a user friendly layout. Dot Supreme provides utilities and functions that no other Supreme bots offer. 

Here's why we are better:

* User Friendly

* Cheaper 

* Full time support team

* Choice of Manual Setup or Auto-checkout 

* Timer proven to work better than other commercial Supreme bots

* Checkout times quicker than other commercial Supreme bots

* Can't be shut-down from incoming traffic attacks

* New features and adjustment changes as Supreme changes their system

* Provide set-up guides for Supreme weekly drops

* Hybrid Mode



Coming features to be added: 

-Multiple payment profiles

-Multiple items copping with keywords

-New/backup keywords method

-Proxy support

-Auto data tracking/collection of success cops data over the cloud to determine best checkout delays, etc

-Sounds when successfully checking out


For business inquiries, contact: