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Do I need to know any code to use this bot?

No, the bot has a user friendly layout and all you need to do is insert your information into the right sections.

Is it guaranteed to be successful?

No bot can guarantee that you will have success all the time BUT our bot HIGHLY increases your chances of getting your items. The technology developed into Dot Supreme ensures to help you checkout as quick as possible and as humanly as possible. 

Is there any extra fees after purchasing?

Dot Supreme is not seasonal renewal until further notice.

How often is the bot updated?

We are constantly rolling out updates in order to compete with other bots on the market. With this in mind we are always one step ahead of the game in terms of updating to Supreme's changes into their web store.

What operating systems does Dot Supreme support?

We currently support any operating system! You must have Google Chrome downloaded.

How can I find additional support after I purchase?

You will receive exclusive access to our discord server where we provide keywords, tips and tricks, and more.